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Lactic Acid Peel 

This peel is gentle, safe and well tolerated by most skin types. Treating thin, damaged and aging skin with lactic acid not only removes the outer layers of damage stratum corneum but will leave a more intact lipid barrier resulting in a healthier appearance.

Blue Peel Radiance

Obagi’s peel that instantly brightens the skin while gently exfoliating the skin and improving skin texture.

Dermafrost Peel 

Our salicylic acid peel is lipid soluble and is considered keratolytic and antimicrobial. This is a quick procedure with high tolerability, safe for the patient, and excellent for acne.

Alpha/Beta Peel 

Our combination of lactic and salicylic peel provides a perfect blend of acids to exfoliate and clean the pores without harshness, irritation or inflammation, while improving the hydration factor of the lipid barrier.

MandeliClear with Vitamin A Accelerator 

This peel was developed specifically for treating pigmentation issues associated with darker skin types. Effective for lightening pigmentation due to acne, melasma or photo-damaged skin, while gently exfoliating. Contains Mandelic Acid. A Vitamin A accelerator, with 2.5% retinol, is used in conjunction with MandeliClear to accelerate physical peeling without excessive damage to the skin.

Jessner Peel 

A resorcinol, lactic and salicylic acid solution that can be used for a deeper exfoliation. It is effective in treating pigmentation, acne, and sun damaged skin. The client will experience noticeable peeling or flaking approximately 3 to 4 days after the peel. Sun protection is extremely important and must be used at all times.

SWiCH Dermal Rejuvenation System 

A scientific breakthrough that helps enhance mitochondrial function and restores skin to its youthful appearance. SWiCH is a treatment that performs beyond the results achievable with non-surgical peels. Recommended in a series.

Oxygen Rx Cleansing Facial 

This treatment is designed to clean all your pores with Cocoa Enzyme and steam which opens up all your pores to achieve the ultimate extractions of all impurities and exfoliation. This treatment is completed with an Oxygen Rx Treatment, Vitamin C and an antioxidant rich, soothing and calming cream.