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Skin Care

Skin Care


Obagi® Prescriptive Skin Care

#1 Physician-dispensed, prescriptive-strength skin care system that can actually transform your skin at the cellular level. This clinically-proven skin care system is designed to help you revitalize, enhance and maintain beautiful skin for life. Obagi® provides visible results for almost every skin care need.  SCG Skin Rejuvenation is proud to offer this revolutionary product line here in central PA.

ZO Skin Health, Inc.

Dr. Zein Obagi has a history of advancing the science of skin care.  And he’s done it again, with ZO Medical, new therapeutic solutions, and daily and preventive skin care products from ZO Skin Health, Inc. Featuring unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes and exclusive formulations, these solutions allow every patient – regardless of skin type, gender or age – to achieve continuously healthy skin.  Therapeutic, maintenance, daily skin care and prevention can all be addressed with ZO Skin Health, Inc.


Dermastart has carefully researched the most beneficial ingredients to make up this scientifically advanced skin care line known as ClearChoice. These revolutionary products fit anyone’s skin care needs, from anti-aging to environmentally challenged skin. ClearChoice will allow everyone to maintain young, healthy skin as an everyday lifestyle.


SkinPen, a brand of microneedling, improves fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, stretch marks and other conditions by stimulating your skin’s natural ability to repair itself.  SkinPen is a medical-grade tool that works by creating a series of microscopic channels into the skin to stimulate production of new collagen and elastin. Your skin will look and feel healthier with little or no downtime!  SkinPen is extremely versatile and can be used on all parts of the body and on all skin types.


Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair from the face. A sterile surgical blade is used to remove dead skin cells that dull the skin, and vellus hair that accumulate dirt and oil. This form of exfoliation smooths the skin and allows for the active ingredients in skincare products and services to penetrate deeper into the skin.


Stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin producing increased cell renewal and collagen growth. The massaging action of the treatment creates a flushing and cleansing effect below the surface of the skin, resulting in a vibrant, healthy complexion.


A variety of facial peels each designed to achieve unique beauty goals including: reduction of fine lines, age spots, improved skin tone & texture.


A variety of facials ranging from relaxation to a medical treatment, depending on your needs. This therapeutic treatment will improve the overall feel and texture of your skin.


A small probe is inserted into the hair follicle to the root of the hair; a quick, split-second current is then directed to the papilla, the blood source of the hair.  After several treatments the papilla is destroyed and will no longer produce hair.  Electrolysis is effective for all skin and hair types.

Please make sure there is at least ¼ inch of hair growth prior to scheduling your appointment.